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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator took everyone by surprise at E3 2019 with its sheer visual fidelity, and since then every new morsel Microsoft feeds us about its new sim blows our minds anew. The whole planet to explore, somehow powered by Bing’s satellite data. Weather systems and seasons. Those graphics. Here’s everything we know so far about Microsoft Flight Simulator, and how you can play it before its full release.

When’s the Microsoft Flight Simulator release date?

This isn’t as straightforward to answer as it seems, and that’s not just a flowery way of saying ‘not a clue’. Currently the final version is slated for a 2020 release, which is pretty broad. Some people are playing a very early version of it right now, though—cast your eyes below.

Microsoft Flight Simulator's closed beta begins in July

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a closed beta in July, according to a development roadmap recently posted by Asobo and Microsoft. The roadmap doesn't get too specific with a date, but the closed beta is marked for mid-July. Closed alphas of the game have been in progress for a while now, but the closed beta could be when Asobo opens the floodgates and allows more players to try out the game (and maybe even share footage of it).


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